The Institute publishes a Journal titled "The Indian Journal of Criminology & Criminalistics" thrice a year, featuring articles and papers by eminent authors and experts in subjects of professional relevance to the Criminal Justice System. Since year 2007 the Institute has published the following issues of the Journal:-

1.Vol. No XXVI      No. 2  May-Aug 2007 

2.Vol. No. XXVIII  No. 3   Sep-Dec  2007

3.Vol. No. XXIX    No. 1   Jan-Apr   2008

4.Vol. No XXIX     No. 2  May-Aug 2008

5.Vol. No XXIX     No. 3  Sep-Dec 2008

6.Vol. No XXX     No. 1  Jan-Apr 2009

7.Vol. No XXX     No. 1  May-Dec 2009

8.Vol. No XXXI     No. 1  Jan-Jun 2010

9.Vol. NoXXXI, No. 2 July-Dec 2010


About the Journal

This journal has achieved its popularity amongst Criminologists, Sociologists, Social Scientists, Correctional Administrators, Research Workers, Forensic Scientists and person with interest with the phenomenon of Crime. It has wide circulation in the country as well  as abroad

           It gives covers to topics relating to Criminology, Victimology, Sociology of Deviance, Juvenile Delinquency, Correctional Administration, Police Science, Forensic Chemistry/Biology, Toxicology, Ballistics, Photography, Questioned Documents, and Finger Prints
Editor-in Chief: Kamlendra Prasad
Executive Editor: B N Chattoraj
Editorial Board
Rajvanshi A.C R.K.Mishra
Sinha Minakshi.

Editorial Office management: Shri A.K.Ramchandani,

The Editorial Board welcomes papers/articles on Criminology, Victimology, Sociology of Law, Psychology of Crime, Crime Prevention, Social Work, Police Science, Criminalistics, Forensic Biology, Forensic Psychiatry, Forensic Medicine, Toxicology, Forensic Ballistics, Forensic Photography, Questioned Documents and allied field for publication in Journal



Subscription rates

Subscription Rates Annual  Each Number
India Rs.400.00(for institutions) Rs. 150.00 (for individual)
Rs.300.00(for individual) Rs. 200.00 (for institutions)
(i) Life Membership (for individual) Rs.2000/-
(ii) Life Membership (for institutions) Rs.4000/-
Abroad $20.00(for individual)  
$35.00(for institutions)  
(i) Life Membership (for individual) $100.00
(ii) Life Membership (for institutions) $150.00






The Institute has, so far, published following books/materials:-


1.                  Seminar on Current Trends in Criminology - NICFS

2.                  Attitude of foreign tourists towards Indian Police - NICFS

3.                  Victims of Homicide  -  V.N. Rajan

4.                  Attitude of adolescents towards Police - M.Z. Khan & K.P. Krishna

5.                  Delay in the disposal of Criminal cases in the Sessions and lower courts in Delhi -- V.N. Rajan & M.Z. Khan 

6.                  Victims of fatal motor vehicle accidents -- M.Z. Khan & K.P. Krishna

7.                  Resource material series : The abuse of drugs -- NICFS

8.                  Impart of computerisation of crime in Central India -- R.S. Kulkarni & B.N. Chattoraj

9.                  Resource material series : Police and Environment  -  NICFS

10.             Grievances of the Police : A Socio-Psychological Analysis - NICFS

11.             Resource material series : Criminal Justice Administration - NICFS

12.             National Seminar on Forensic Documents -  NICFS

13.             Human Rights in Criminal Justice System - M.K. Shukla and B.N. Chattoraj

14.             India - UNAFEI Joint Seminar on Prevention and Control Strategies against Organised Crime. 

15.             “Aprakrithik Mruthyu” -  T.N. Mishra

16.      Books of  Dr. B N Chattoraj


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